Our projects do vary, but KAAPA’s mission never does:

“To seek and acquire opportunities that can increase member profits and net worth while promoting agriculture in general; which may be accomplished by its members producing for, or investing in, value-added ag projects.”

KAAPA operates much like an angel investment group.  It has 500+ members who represent hundreds of thousands of acres of cropland in the heart of the United States.   As well, more than 75% of those members are qualified investors, providing KAAPA with the ability to accomplish its mission and goals.


We promote value-added agriculture efforts by:

a) Starting projects from scratch when an opportunity for its members is apparent.

b) Partnering with others who are either starting or expanding a value-added project.

c) Simply investing in projects that, through the staff and Board’s due diligence efforts, appear to provide a sound opportunity for its members.


“With the economy taking a fairly drastic downturn in the past several months, KAAPA elected not to pursue certain project opportunities because the attitude just didn’t seem to be one of success. However, during these past months, KAAPA Cooperative has continued to perform its internal due diligence on a project which you can read about under the “Current Projects” tab on this page. Many things are certain. The project is fueled by a work ethic found only in Midwest natives, and specifically, Nebraskans. The project honors and respects the ag producer and place them on the top of their list. The project can and will reach global ramifications. As well, the project incorporates and ties together many proven industries that are here to stay; plastics and ethanol byproducts. KAAPA sees valuable, tangible benefits in this project, both for our members and for the ag industry in general, and has aggressively been working toward a successful partnership. It is an excellent time for you to be a member of KAAPA.”

Mike Boudreau, Director