Our projects vary, but our vision never does.

“To be a highly successful farmer-based alliance that is recognized throughout all of the grain belt, and beyond, as being an innovative organization that seeks, creates, and promotes value-added agricultural opportunities, both for its members and for agriculture.”

Why do individuals and businesses join KAAPA?

KAAPA’s support of value-added agriculture along with its goal to enhance the ‘bottom line’ of its members.


KAAPA exists to seek and acquire opportunities that can increase member profits and net worth by providing its members with opportunities to produce, or invest in, value-added agriculture, while offering the public new products or benefits.


KAAPA has ‘investment funds’ which allow its members to invest in value-added agriculture projects. These KAAPA funds have invested in a variety of projects; making private investment possible for its members as well as providing diversification and increased potential earnings. Funds have been invested in bio-based plastic fillers made from agricultural residues, advanced solar energy technologies, rare earth mineral extraction, a fish and shrimp farm in Texas and a biomedical research and development company. Investment opportunities are under development annually.


Join KAAPA! Your membership will provide you with the opportunity to leave a lasting impact in agriculture.

Dear Members,

In 2018 KAAPA Coop maintained the status quo, however, 2019 will be about incorporating a forward thinking, out of the box, big picture mentality.  With this type of mentality, new ideas, new projects, and a new path for KAAPA Coop will be sought after by KAAPA staff, KAAPA Board Members, and KAAPA members.


This year I want to expand on this mission statement by promoting team work from both KAAPA staff, Board Members, and the overall membership.  KAAPA needs you to step up and come forward to assist in value added ideas for projects, membership drives, and the overall success of KAAPA Coop.  As a brand ambassador of KAAPA Coop, I would like to invite you to ask five family members or friends to join KAAPA Coop.  Why should they join? According to Steve Jobs, “Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” Financial Coordinator, Jawna Kuck, has created a membership brochure to assist you in this task, please stop by the NEW office, introduce yourself and pick up a few brochures.  Membership is vital to the success of KAAPA Coop and we need each of you to step up and assist in this task.


As we move forward with incorporating a big picture mentality, KAAPA needs you to update your information.  We ask that you call, email, or stop by the office to relay any updates: unit ownership, names, address, phone number, or email address.  Correspondence from our office will be regularly distributed via email and we would like to know the information is being delivered.


KAAPA has a few projects and exciting ideas on the horizon, and I look forward to exploring more innovative ideas for the future of KAAPA Coop, so please stop by the office any time and introduce yourself.



Elyse M Schlake, KAAPA Coop Executive Director