Current Projects



LignoTech Developments, Ltd., a New Zealand limited liability company, has developed a highly engineered bio-filler for the plastics industry which will be marketed under the name “Xylemer”.  A building for the headquarters and initial production facility (IPF) has been secured in Kearney, Nebraska.  It will be equipped and operated to produce, sell and market Xylemer as well as other engineered bio-fillers.  The first bio-feedstock for the production will be Dried Distillers Grains (DDG), the co-product of ethanol production.  After operations of the IPF have commenced, growth of the company is expected to result from securing strategic partners and licensing this unique and patented technology.

The initial target market for Xylemer will be within thermoset applications, such as sheet molded parts for the automotive and truck industries.  When replacing calcium carbonate, a traditional filler, Xylemer enhances the end plastic product by making it stronger and lighter weight.

Independent research and trials has indicated that biomass (ligno-cellulosic material) has not always been ideal for use in plastics because 1) it absorbs too much moisture, 2) has a high resin demand, and 3) is not found to be sustainable.  Xylemer, through the highly engineered process, has been developed to have acceptable hydrophobicity (moisture take-up), require less resin demand, and comes from a very sustainable, reliable and readily-available feedstock.